I am a mother of two kids (18&15), owner of a dog and a cat and run a company together with my boyfriend Ian. This should more than fill my days, but...

I just love to read!

This resulted in a Norwegian book blog early this year, and now this blog - started 01/09/11.

I have always been an avid reader of paperbacks and was more than curious to check out if e-books would trigger me. I read and travel a lot, always carrying too many books... It was bound for success! I got my Kindle April 1 this year, and I cannot live without it...

As the kids now get older and our company more structured I have increasingly more time to read and play around with my hobbies. So why not an English book blog? I do read most of my books in English, despite I'm Norwegian.

You're more than welcome to check out my other hobby apart from reading - photography. HERE you'll find a link to my photo website (which I share with my boyfriend Ian) and further a link to my travel blog. Yupp, I sure know how to fill my hours :-) 

What I mainly will read and review
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Adventure/Action
  • YA
  • Mystery/Crime
You'll might find the occational Classics and Romance books reviewed here too. All dependent on the mood of the day! ;-)

Please feel free to contact me via comments on my blog or my mail and link back to your own blog !!!

E-mail: mykindlejoy@gmail.com

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