How to read Word-documents on your Kindle!

Your Kindle can do more than just read Amazon e-books! It can actually read a lot of documents as long as you prepare them first!

Word documents

It is possible to send Word-documents directly from your PC to your Kindle. The only thing you have to do is to install a little program (free) from Amazon first. It cannot be easier than this :-)

"Send to Kindle" directly from your PC (installation guide)
  1. Click the following link:
  2. Click the "Download Now" button
  3. Click "Save File"
  4. To install the program, go to: c:\users\"your_user"\downloads
  5. Doubleclick the file "SendToKindleForPC-installer.exe"
  6. Click "Run" and answer "Yes" on the question that pops up
  7. Click "Install"
  8. Click "Finish"
  9. Another window pops up where you have to enter your own Amazon account and your Amazon password
  10. Fill inn what's requested and click "Register"
  11. Clikk "Close" and the program is installed properly

The installation above you only do once!

This is how you send a Word-document to your Kindle
  1. Open your Windows Explorer and find your document
  2. RIGHT-CLICK the document, and you get several choices
  3. Choose "Send to Kindle"
    In the pop-up window tick which Kindle you want to send the document to (in case you have more than one Kindle registered on your Amazon account). Leave the other choices as is.
    Click "Send" - you are now informed that Amazon prepare your document 

Pick up your Kindle
  1. Turn on the Wi-fi from Menu to receive the document
  2. The Kindle runs for a few seconds and then your document is downloaded directly from Amazon iCloud.
  3. You find the document in your Home directory

Any questions? Contact:

Last updated: 23.01.2012

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