How to convert EPUB files to Kindle format

How annoying isn't it that the great Kindle e-reader doesn't read EPUB files!? Well - here is a simple recipe of how to convert your EPUB files to Kindle format! Where there is a will, there is always a way :-)

  1. Install EPUB DRM Removal - ePUBee (freeware)
    This SW removes any DRM lock on your EPUB files
  2. Install Calibre (freeware)
    This program converts your EPUB files to Kindle format
  3. Convert your books

And that's it! The installations you do only once. The convertion you do for each book you buy (or bulks of books - you decide!)

Install ePUBee

  1. Go to:
  2. In the Book Device field - write "Kindle"
  3. Hit Download
  4. Choose "Save file"
  5. Go to your own Downloads directory
  6. Start "ePUBeeePUBDRMRemoval.exe"
  7. Hit Run
  8. Accept the installation if you get a question
    Hit Next till you are asked to Install
  9. Click Install and here you go
  10. Click Finish and ePUBee is installed. You'll find a shortcut on your desktop.

Install Calibre

Calibre runs on Windows (XP, Vista and 7), OSX and Linux. 
(I go through the Windows installation only..)

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Download Calibre
  3. Choose your operating system - Windows
  4. Choose Download calibre - (the link directly to the right of the Windows icon)
  5. Save File
  6. Go to your downloads directory and doubleclick the file calibre-0..8.15msi (the numbers here can vary from mine because of updates)
  7. Choose Run and your installation starts. This can take a couple of seconds - normal!
  8. Choose I accept the terms in the License Agreement and hit Install
  9. Choose Yes if you get questions of "Do you want the following program etc.."
  10. Choose Finish - the software is installed and Calibre starts. You'll find a shortcut on your desktop.

Convert your EPUB files to Kindle format

Step 1

  1. IMPORTANT!!! - Put your EPUB file in the following directory: c:\users\"your_user"\documents\MyDigitalEditions
    If you don't already have that directory - make it !!! Otherwise ePUBee isn't able to remove any potential DRM lock...
  2. Start your program ePUBee and hit the button "unDRM directory"
    What happens when you "unDRM" the directory is that ePUBee removes the DRM lock from the new e-book file in the MyDigitalEditions directory and put your "clean" file in a directory called c:\users\"your_user"\documents\DecryptOutput
Step 2
  1. Start your program Calibre
  2. Hit the button Add books
  3. Go to your directory c:\users\"your_user"\documents\DecryptOutput
  4. Doubleclick the file you want to convert to Kindle format and it opens in Calibre as your first line (1) of books.
  5. Mark the bookline with the book you want to convert (eg. hit the number 1 in line 1)
  6. Hit the button Convert books
  7. Check InputFormat upper LEFT corner - should say EPUB
  8. Make sure you choose the correct OutputFormat upper RIGHT corner. This must be MOBI (to be read on a Kindle)
  9. Click OK and you'll see in the down right corner a circeling icon saying "Jobs:1". When the file is converted it will say "Jobs:0"
  10. The file is now ready to read on your Kindle

Step 3

Connect your Kindle to the PC

  1. You'll now find your clean and converted Kindle file in the following directory: c:\users\"your_user"\"author name"
  2. Choose your author and open the directory
  3. REMEMBER to copy the book file with filetype .MOBI to your Kindle:\documents directory
  4. When you unplug your Kindle, your new book will appear on your HOME screen

Any questions or problems? Send me an e-mail:

Happy read :-)

 ...and my happy dog :-)

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