February 29, 2012

I have NOT proposed :-)

But... February has been a rather hectic month anyway, and that shows here on my blog for sure. I have had a couple of weeks travelling because of my job, and the last two weeks I have been on a winter holiday in Whistler, Canada. Business and pleasure evenly distributed for once :-)

March can come, with only a couple of short trips out of the country. I have read a couple of books in February, no more, but they were both very good. Reviews of both B.V Larson's "Rebellion" and Michael R. Hicks' "From Chaos Born" will follow shortly.

For now, a few memories from Whistler the last two weeks...

Lots of powder coming down

Powder Princess - my daugther in the air...

POW and SUN - Yeyyyhhh...!!!


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