January 11, 2012

Great skins and covers for all Kindle's!

I own a Kindle Keyboard and have got a replacement for the one which died on me just before Christmas. But it has lacked something, my own little finish so to speak. There are so many beautiful skins out there to choose between. This time I didn't go for a colorful variant, but a more discreet one which matches both of my covers. My Kindle Keyboard looks like this for the moment:
A pretty skin from DecalGirl for just $15! This design is called WindMill.

 In addition to a skin I have already invested in no less than two different handmade leather covers from Oberon Design.  As a skin is more like a personal touch to the Kindle, a cover however protects both the screen and the keyboard from scratches, dust and moist. In addition is it very convenient visually - it prevents me from grabbing my boyfriends Kindle when I'm in a hurry...

I have chosen two covers which I alter between. It's kind of boring to have only one.. because then all my books look the same :-) I am extremely satisfied with these covers which have a 100% wool felt screen protector inside and the attachment system provides excellent shake and drop security. The custom leather cover easily folds in half & stays open or you can read your Kindle as a book. The cover is also stiff enough for a reading light attachment. These are my two chosen ones:

Check out Oberon Design for a variety of both colors and patterns. They cost $67 each.

And - yes, I have also invested in a cover which I bring to the beach. Electronics and sand is a bad mix, and I would hate to destroy my beloved gadget. I found a very good, water repellant and sandproof cover with a transparent front. The cover is soft enough to enable you to change pages without a problem. In addition you have easy access to the sleep/off button at the bottom. You just choose where you put the zippers. I chose this one from M-Edge:

You can get the M-Edge cover from Amazon's Kindle Store

The M-Edge cover is not totally waterproof, so I wouldn't take it with me into the pool, but it has covered all my needs both on the beach and by the pool several times already.

There is also other extra's which can be nice to have, but a skin and a cover I find both pretty, practical and smart. I have to admit that I have invested in a little led light which I can attach to the top part of my Kindle or Oberon covers. The thought was to bring it to our next photo safari, but that camping trip has for some reason been delayed. When our next Africa-trip is planned however, I am already prepared :-)

A Vervet Monkey from our last trip to Botswana

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