August 31, 2011

Review - "Extinction" by B.V. Larson

Genre: Sci-Fi

Earth's Star Force Marines invade an alien world!

In the second book of the Star Force series, Kyle Riggs has another bad year. The Nano ships have a new mission--one that sentences their pilots to death. Meanwhile, the governments of Earth want to steal Star Force's Nano technology for their own. Worst of all, Earth has made a promise to the Macros, and the machines are coming to collect.

EXTINCTION is the story of Earth's entry into an interstellar war between living creatures and machines. To buy the peace, we've signed up with the machines....  

My evaluation

This is the second book in the StarForce series, and I have to say - the story is picking up! It feels like the author has settled more with his writing, and the story picks up both speed and action. Caught myself laughing out loud several times. The story is still written in "first person" form. This makes an interesting twist to the story. "I" is a cool guy :-) I gave book 1, Swarm, a 3+. This is definately a 4! Give me book three, Rebellion!

My rating

of 5

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