December 11, 2011

A sad day - my Kindle died..

Panic attack this morning. The screen on my Kindle 3 (Keyboard) started dying - or, more correct - freezing up. Now 3/4 of the screen is not usable for reading... in other words, my Kindle isn't usable at all. With Christmas just around the corner (favourite reading holiday) and the fact that I live not very centrally in Norway, to put it mildly, I was on the phone with Amazon customer service at once! H - E - L - P !!!

What a fantastic service !!!

In 15 minutes I got confirmation to get another Kindle 3 for free, I got a pre-paid shipping label for the return of the non-functional one, the new Kindle was sent as we spoke on the phone and I got a confirmation on 5 - FIVE - days delivery time. In December! To "outback" Norway! If this really works, I will ble thoroughly impressed! Even my panic faded (somewhat.. :-) 

And no - I wasn't tempted to swap my Kindle Keyboard with any of the new gadgets! That said, it's only the Kindle 4 Mini which is available for us Europeans. My boyfriend has an American Amazon account, but touch screens are not for me even if I can get one. A new Kindle Keyboard is what I want! And that is what I get! Next week. Hopefully....

My Kindle isn't a matter of life or death - it's much more important than that !!!

My non-working Kindle Keyboard - Rest In Peace...


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