January 26, 2012

Listen to audio books/.mp3 from your Kindle e-reader!

Today I have tested audio books from my Kindle Keyboard, and it was a great experience!

For those of you enjoying listening to books, here is the recipe of how to use your Kindle e-reader as an .mp3 audio book player.

PS! The new Kindle Mini can not handle audio books. Just as you know... And, my recipe below contains link to free audiobooks you can test on :-)

You need
  • Your Kindle and a set of headphones which are compatible with the jack just beside the charger.

How to put the .mp3 audio book onto your Kindle

  • Click HERE to download a free audio book in .mp3 format
  • Click on line 1 "Aesop's Fables"
  • Click again on "Aesop's Fables Volume 1"
  • Scroll down till you find the headline ".mp3 and ogg files"
  • Click the link "mp3@64kbps - 5.3MB"
  • Choose "Save File"
  • Attach your Kindle to your PC
  • Open your FileManager and go to: c:\users\"your_user"\downloads
  • Copy the file "fables_01_00_aesop_64kb" to your Kindle's Kindle\music directory

Play your .mp3 audio book

  • Unplug your Kindle from the PC
  • Plug in your headset
  • Go to your HOME page on the Kindle
  • Click the MENU button
  • Go down to "Experimental" and choose this
  • Under "Play MP3" you get explained how to play and pause your file
  • Choose "play music"
  • If you don't hear anything, remember you have a volume control button to the left of your headset jack
  • Click + ;-)
  • To pause your book, just choose "pause music" from the "Experimental" tab
You can of course also use the same recipe to play music files (.mp3) from your Kindle.

Audio books from Amazon

Amazon has their own website where you can buy and subscribe to audio books. Check out www.audible.com.

Good luck :-)

Updated: 26.1.2012

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