January 05, 2012

Is it necessary with reading challenges?


Yes, I do think so! Am I organized enough to keep up with them? Weeell, that is another matter... When it comes to ebooks and reading I had one goal in 2011. To read 60 books during the year. I just about did it, with a few days to spare. To reach my goal was a great satisfaction to me, specially since I started in April.

For 2012 I have, however, a plan of being somewhat more detailed when it comes to my reading challenges for the year. I want to push myself a little further. 

In addition to the hope of reading 100 books in one year I have decided the following:

  1. To read at least 10 debutants!
  2. To read 5 different, Norwegian authors! (Coming from a Norwegian this may sound a little strange, but 99,9% of my books are foreign authors.. so it is actually a challenge :-)
  3. To read at least 3 classics! (2011 I read one...)
  4. To read at least 10 fiction books
  5. Try and review EVERY book i read!
  6. Stay more active in the book blogging community on the net (eg. prioritize more time ;-)
  7. To read 52 novellas during the year

I challenge YOU :-)

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