January 27, 2012

Cover for my Kindle Fire

Am i lucky? I realized the moment I got my Kindle Fire that I needed a cover for it. The screen gets very quickly dirty (touch screen, what did I expect..), but I am also afraid of getting scratched glass. So, what to use until I get my Kindle Fire cover?

Last year I bought no less than two handmade Oberon leather covers for my Kindle Keyboard. Just for fun I tried to attach my Kindle Fire to one of them. And it works! Pretty well, actually! :-) The Kindle Fire is a bit thicker than the Kindle Keyboard, but the leather straps which the Oberon covers are delivered with are strong and juuust about big enough to hold the Fire in place! A little bit tight fit allright, but the Fire will definately not drop out of the cover by itself!

So - now my Fire has the red hummingbird cover (red = fire..) and my Kindle Keyboard stays in its  purple paisley cover for now. I have actually ordered a new cover for my Kindle Fire, a neoprene sleeve, but it is not in stock until February 15. And then it's going to be shipped to Norway... I think it will be smarter to use a sleeve for my Fire, because a normal cover gets more in the way during use...

This cover can of course also be used with the Kindle Keyboard since the only difference in the size is the thickness. The carrying handle can be removed, and that's how I'm going to use it I think.

Amazon calls this lovely sleeve: "Blue Swirl Flower Design Neoprene Padded Bubble Sleeve Case Cover with Accessory Pocket Removable Carrying Handle"   *Breeeeaattthh...* and it can be bought HERE.

And that concluded my Friday marketing ;-)


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