September 02, 2011

How to convert EPUB files to Kindle format

What has annoyed me for quite some time is the e-book business (or lack of) in Norway (and probably elsewhere too..).

How sane is it that other people should decide which e-reader I am going to read my e-books on?!?

I have always bought my books from Amazon - hardcopies and paperbacks. I have been very happy with Amazon and a few other online stores. Early this year I converted to e-books, mostly because I travel a lot and read even more. I was so tired of carrying all the kgs of books with me everywhere.

But - guess what? Do you think I find Norwegian books on Amazon? Nope! Do I find Norwegian authors? A very few - and only their books translated into English! And I really don't have any problems at all with that. What I do however have a problem with is - that EVERY single e-book in Norwegian comes in EPUB format. And which is my preferred e-reader? The Kindle...

Where there is a will there is always a way... And I found it, hidden inbetween a lot of nonsense and difficulties. If you are in the business of choosing an e-reader, just have in mind the following - Do not hang up on fileformats!!! If you have a Kindle you can read EPUB files. If you have a Sony e-reader, you CAN read Amazon books!

On the left hand side of my blog I will add the following recipes:

  • EPUB to Kindle conversion
  • Kindle to EPUB conversion
  • PDF conversion to both EPUB and Kindle formats

As you can see - one is in place already - ePUB to Kindle. The rest will follow during the weekend!

Spread the word! Choose your preferred e-reader! Despite of the "big businesses" out there trying to confuse you!

My dog Toby :-)

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