September 07, 2011

Review - "A Door to Eli" by Hannah Huber

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Twelve-year-old Eli is autistic, living in a world that few but he can understand, and unreachable to almost everyone outside of his family. If Kylie Watson's little brother Eli has any supernatural power, Kylie doesn't want to know about it. She already knows that the world is not forgiving to individuals like her brother, and she believes that she can only protect him from its scrutiny if she herself knows as little as possible about the beautiful, uncanny drawings that Eli makes. 

For these are drawings that are not only stunning to everyone who looks at them, they seem, against all probability, to make things happen and change in the world around them. It even seems that with his drawings, Eli can make living beings appear out of nowhere …

Kylie will soon need to acknowledge her brother's power for what it is, for Eli and his drawings are transforming the sleepy, small-town world in which Kylie lives. A strange talking crow moves into the Watson house. The neighbors' home is attacked by a creature out of ancient myth. Kylie herself begins to see disturbing visions of future events playing out before her eyes. Eli creates doors that allow him to step directly into other universes that exist alongside our own.

And across the boundaries between worlds, a hungry being named Arius stalks Eli, hoping to claim the boy's power for himself. When Eli is whisked away in the middle of the night, it is left to Kylie, her best friend, and a menagerie of Eli's strange pets to follow his trail across universes, straight into the heart of Arius' dark home …

My evaluation

This is Hubers first novel, and I must say I am impressed with what this young girl has accomplished! This is an intrigueing book with a more than interesting story. Huber really manages to look at the world through the eyes of an autistic boy and has made this the important and vivid element of the story.

The novel is about fumbling and budding love between two young people, good against evil accross universes and the loneliness in being special, as Eli. The story flows in its own tempo. Some of the chapters are a bit slow but followed by chapters where the pace really is picking up speed.

Huber definately knows how to describe new, different universes. It is as we can smell, hear and feel a world we get eager to experience ourselves. All in all I liked the novel. The story is original and parts of it is truly beautiful. This is one of the better debut novels I have read, and I look forward to reading more from this writer!

My rating

(of 5 with a big + behind it :-)

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