September 03, 2011

New Sony Reader brings challenge to the Kindle

Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1

If rumors are to be believed Amazon will get som real Kindle challenge in October. Sony plan to jump back into the ring with their new Sony Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1. Not the most sexy of brand names, but who cares!

The price will be $149, and that finally follows the pricing for the rest of the industry.

Apart from a nicer price, Sony has finally brought wireless connectivity to the Sony Reader. That has been long sought for. And this eReader is also supposed to be the lightest on the market. Not the worst of news either! Of course you'll find the E Ink Pearl screen and battery life better measured in weeks than hours..., and the touch screen meets the current readers' expectations for modern devices.

A few other things that should excite people is that this is the first major eReader at the price point, to allow users to take notes in-text with a stylus.  It will have expandable memory and come in a variety of colors.  One limited edition offering will even include bundled Harry Potter eBooks!  Things are definately looking up for Sony.

Amazon beware!

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  1. I love my Kindle! I'm anxiously awaiting this lending feature!.... Kindle Library Lending


  2. Hey KindleJoy - got your message! I live in Germany right now actually & moving to the UK next year, so I signed up for a VPN service which lets me use a US IP address. Check it out if you like! Strong VPN
    You can use Amazon features, Netflix, Hulu, unblocked YouTube & other stuff like that.

  3. Wow! Thanks ever so much Heather! My boyfriend is a Kindle addict too, so I'll put him on the VPN project. He would love the challenge! :D


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