September 01, 2011

"Official" release date of this blog - Sept 1, 2011

Yeyyhhh...!!! Finally finished my project - an English book blog in addition to the Norwegian one I have had for some time!

Hopefully I'll find active book blogging communities out there. Help with discovering these is most wanted :-)

The blog will be updated on a daily basis, and to begin with I will add some of the reviews from the books I read this summer. 

My favourite genre is Sci-Fi/Fantasy (80%). I also read Adventure/Action, YA and Mystery/Crime. Inbetween you'll find the occational Romance and Classic reviewed.

All the pictures in the blog are taken by me. My other time consuming hobby...

And now - ready to start :-)

Pic of the day: A tiny one visiting our veranda early this spring

1 comment:

  1. Gratulerer!
    I really like you design, very nice. And I look forward to following you in both Norwegian and English!


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